What’s the weather like in Malta?

The climate in Malta is typical Mediterranean with hot dry summers and mild yet often wet winters with lots of sunshine, long days, hot temperatures and high rain levels.

Sun in Malta

Malta is one of the European countries which has the most hours of sunlight over the course of the year with 3000 sunshine hours compared to London and other northern European countries which have only around 1500 hours of sun per year.

During the summer, particular July you will get to enjoy over 12 hours of sun per day, winter is around half of this at 5 hours per day but still more than double what can be seen in London during the same months.

Daylight in Malta

Malta has long sunny days both during the summer and whilst approaching winter with lots of early sunrises and late sunsets.

The lowest average amount of daylight hours per day can be found between November to January with only 10 hours of daylight compared to 8 hours in London. The months of May to July have the highest amount of daylight hours on average, 14 hours which peaks in June at 15 hours per day

Temperature in Malta

The temperatures in Malta throughout the year tend to be hot and significantly above those found in countries in northern Europe with a subtropical theme. During winter you can enjoy mild average highs of 16.7 degrees (December) with the lowest temperatures around 9.2 degrees (January). In summer there are temperature highs of 30.7 degrees in July and August with the lowest temperature of 21 degrees and an average of 26.3 degrees.

The sea temperature surrounding Malta has a particularly high average which is held up throughout the year. The lowest average temperature is 16 degrees in April with the highest in August at 26 degrees this makes it a great choice for those considering water sports or other water based activities.

Does it rain a lot in Malta?

The rain in Malta is on average higher than the levels of rain which is seen in London, England! but before you click away please be aware that this does not mean that it is always raining and it definitely shouldn’t put you off from booking a holiday to Malta. The rain in Malta tends to fall in the months of September to March with extremely minimal to no rain whatsoever between April and August. During the winter the rain arrives in short, heavy bursts meaning it rains less and this is followed by sunny periods, this leads to many choosing to have a Malta holiday during the winter months where it is warmer than England and being out of high season means there are bargains to be found!

The average rainfall peaks in December with 112mm of rain which typically falls over 14 days of the month compared to July with only 0.4mm of rainfall.

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